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Serving the scene since 2002!
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RAZORBLADE is back with a ‘vengeance’! After 2012′s melodic, at least for RAZORBLADE standards, album “Days Of Glory” the band took it back to the roots to create their most evil, aggressive, hardest, but most of all, BEST record to date called “My Name Is Vengeance“!

Straight from the medevil chant of the Templars in the intro the hair on your arms will stand straight up and leave you with goosebumps for the remaining nine RAZORBLADE tracks! From the historical themes on songs such as ‘Feel The Rage’, ‘The Battle Of Vught’ and ‘Under Siege’ that deal about the Dutch War of Independence to topics that deal with every day life and our subculture on tracks such as ‘Warriors’, ‘Sniffing Glue’ and ‘Daily Grind’, it’s all on “My Name Is Vengeance”! And despite of the fact that this is one of the toughest RAZORBLADE releases EVER, you’ll be singing along in no-time! Tough as nails? This is even tougher as nails! Brickwall Oi! as it should be, loud, proud and IN YOUR FACE!
Check out the brandnew RAZORBLADE – FEEL THE RAGE video below. Feel free to share, your support is much appreciated!

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